Day 26 – Oh, We’re Off to See iCare!

Here’s what we did in preparation for and on Thursday (11/17):

-We needed to come prepared to work on our videos in iCare! I was at NCTE on this day, so if any discussions were had about the videos, please let me know and I’ll update this post!

-Until then, if you ever need a refresher on QuickTime Player (if you used that to record), here are Apple’s instructions on how to do so.

Thinking ahead:

-Videos are due on Tuesday (11/22), unless you’ve asked for an extension, in which case they are due on 11/29 (the following Tuesday) to the YouTube channel!

-Along with the video, you’ll need to turn in your your reflection, any copies of things that are going over to Julie, and some sort of cover sheet for Julie (all in a folder).

-Here are some highlights from NCTE for those who couldn’t attend:



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