Day 25 – D-Day (Draft Day)

Here’s what we did in preparation for and on Tuesday (11/15):

-We came to class with our drafts of our videos prepared in the Google folder! We need to have the following there:

a. Your definition of your concept/topic – make sure you have what it is and why it’s important clearly laid out
b. Your mentor sentences/texts and how you’re going to use them (annotate these!)
c. Your visual scaffold
d. Your practice sheet/examples

-Every person had eight minutes to go through their drafts, and each person in the group was to focus on a particular part of the draft (i.e., one person looking at visual scaffolds, one person looking at the mentor texts, etc.), whereas Dr. Benko and I were looking at everything. In the last four minutes of this time, we had dibs on verbal feedback, and other feedback should have gone in the respective Google document.

-If you’re curious about a really easy summary about the positives of peer review like this, check out this Edutopia article! Also think back to how this might compare to Elbow and Straub.

Thinking ahead:

-Meet in iCare on Thursday to work on videos and learn all about recording them!

-For everyone going to NCTE (myself included) – have fun and stay safe!



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