Day 24 – It’s All Grammar to Me

Here’s what we did in preparation for and on Thursday (11/10):
-We came to class with our list of preferred topics for our videos, as well as whether we were working with a partner or not.
-As this was our first class day post-election, we talked briefly about our duty as teachers in times like this.
-Dr. Benko then took our lists of preferred topics and sorted them, sitting on the floor to do so (and Brittany won tweet of the week for this!), and grouped people together with similar ideas for feedback.
-Before we got into these groups, we discussed some of the pieces of our videos, such as the definition of our concept — we also have to communicate why the thing matters, and Dr. Benko said not to use an Internet definition (looking at Anderson’s “In Plain English” examples will be good for this, but Dr. Benko really wants the definitions to be ours) — and mentor texts.
-We also laid out a time breakdown for our video and the practice we’re going to give to Julie for her students (the practice should also be our ideas, not the Internet’s):
Video time <15
Practice time 3-10
Debrief 5-7
-We spent the rest of class working on our videos, and I sent out a Drive folder for our work for Thursday. Dr. Benko also reminded us that for her, the most important thing about visual scaffolds is students can understand them and remember the concept; they do not have to be super high concept, but unfortunately, we’re not making these with the students. On visual scaffolds, there’s a section on this page that describes why visual scaffolds can be especially important for ENL students.

Thinking ahead:
-In the Google folder, you need the following for Thursday:
Your definition of your concept/topic – make sure you have what it is and why it’s important clearly laid out
Your mentor sentences/texts and how you’re going to use them (annotate these!)
Your visual scaffold
Your practice sheet/examples
-iCare will be coming next Thursday, so this is our main priority — there won’t be a lot of readings going forward.


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