Day 20 – After Hell Broke Loose

Here’s what in did in preparation for and on Thursday (10/27):

-We read Ch. 4 of Atwell, as well as the Appendix, which Dr. Benko emailed to us!

-Dr. Benko explained that there was no lesson plan for today because all hell broke loose in her life (Catherine’s school had a two hour delay, oh no!).

-There was also LOTS of sass today (Erin, we’re looking at you and we love you).

-A large part of what we did today can be found in the Google Doc, as I tried to format this to suit our needs – eventually, we formatted it so that our questions were divided as about reading/writing and about our students as actual human beings.

-We also debated the pros and cons of specific questions that we would all ask, and eventually decided upon what we thought were the most essential questions to ask them, and also decided on setting aside 7 minutes to write with our students. Here‘s an Edutopia article about writing and reading with your students, a concept we’ve already discussed in class before!

-Our four common questions that we would all ask were as follows:
  1. What do you think good writing is?

  2. Do you read or write on your own/for your own purposes?

  3. How do you decide what you’ll write about? Where do your ideas come from?

  4. What is the hardest part about writing for you?

-As well, here was our time break down:

5 minutes for icebreaking
13 minutes for common questions
15 minutes for “you decide”/get to know them questions (turn in hard copy of the questions you ask in order you think you might ask them!)
7 minutes for writing – you choose the prompt

-We ended class with some reminders about going into the school – MAKE SURE YOU’RE PREPARED! This was the most important take away, and to be the most polite versions of ourselves when we walk in the door (Dr. Benko has zero tolerance for students who walk into schools and act like what we think of when we think of college students); if you don’t have a Ball State ID, wear a visitor’s badge.

Thinking ahead:
-We’ll be divided into two groups for going to Northside! The remaining group will be talking about Chs. 1-3 of Anderson with Dr. Benko and me.


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