Day 17 – Rejoice, for Benko has Provided

Here’s a summary of what we did in preparation for and on Tuesday (10/18):

-No readings for class! We just needed to come with our most complete draft of our midterm. There was a bit of a misunderstanding about when we needed to do the assessment readings because of differences between our schedules, but those weren’t needed for that day (formative assessment will be key for the final, though).
-Class started with some reminders that will be detailed in the thinking ahead section! Following this, we were to send an email to Dr. Benko saying what all we had done for our midterms – no consequences for being honest!
-We were then paired off with people in different genre groups to go through our midterms and answer the questions listed on the lesson plan for the day.
-The last ten minutes of class were devoted to our big questions – one of these was about rubrics. Dr. Benko recommended looking at Gallagher for model of “meets expectations, exceeds expectations, and does not meet expectations” (sometimes four categories are more difficult) – if you start with meeting expectations to set framework, you can understand what your expectations actually are.
-If you don’t have room to teach everything in your midterm, you can look at previous grade standard for prior knowledge or just say that you’re making assumptions (e.g., “I’m assuming students have already learned about plagiarism,” but you can’t grade assumptions!).
-Your midterm goal is for Benko to not have to think super hard while reading; make sure she can follow it easily, whether you delineate by day or topic, whatever works for you!
-Logistics matter so much for teachers, but it’s not what we need to worry about right now – we’re just worrying about intellectual work rather than the day-by-day matters.
-Liv asked if this is how we go about crafting lessons; Benko responded by saying it’s good practice to start with end goal in mind. This will definitely come up in practicum and 395, so here‘s a blog post where a teacher recommends the same practice for students.
-We also mourned the breakup of the Civil Wars.

Thinking ahead:

-If you haven’t emailed Kim about needing permission for a practicum section, DO THAT NOW! She will send this information to TC; you don’t need to email TC yourself.
-Now that scheduling season is upon us, meet with your advisor ASAP – email Dr. Benko sooner rather than later for advising help, if you can’t meet with your assigned advisor.
-Dr. Benko has said that our readings will start to die down in about mid-November as we work on our grammar videos and our finals.
-The midterm due date has been pushed to next Tuesday! Rejoice, for Benko rarely extends assignment deadlines twice.
-We’ll be talking about the assessment readings for Thursday, if you’ve already done those!


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