Day 13- How Am I Supposed To Breathe With No Air?


Podcasts, This I Believe, Critiques: Today’s To-Do List

Today In ENG 350…

The class began in splitting off into groups to chat about the This I Believe podcast features of Kristin Kelly’s “Books at All Costs” and Brian Grazer’s “Disrupting My Comfort Zone.” Going into the class, we read Hick’s “Chapter 5: Crafting Audio Texts.” The text gave context into examples of audio text craft and what the process looks like for digital writing.

Here is the Google doc link to the break-down groups had when critiquing the podcasts of both TIB essays.

So, what did we hear between the two TIB essays? What did we notice about what they did and what does it mean for us as readers?

  • Benji noticed that “Grazer sounded like he was reading the essay” and Kelly had a “flat line voice” that was emotionless and sounded the same.
  • Kaleb “enjoyed the way that listening to Grazer was more enjoyable.” He also liked that there was more emotion and emphasis put on words; whereas, Kelly’s piece had been “expected to be more passionate, but she seemed to speak neutrally.”
  • Liv was “turned off as a reader” because she “objected to her [Kelly] TIB statement.
  • Brittany found more excitement in reading the pieces than she did in listening to them.
  • Erin mentioned that she “liked Grazer’s more because he seemed like he was reading his own [TIB statement] and believed it himself.”


Main Take-Aways

  • Read your drafts aloud and determine where to pause, stop, and breathe– find spots that make sense to slow down so that the listener can follow along with you.
    • Think “WHERE DO I BREATHE?” (I mean, how am I supposed to breathe with no air?)
  • If it sounded like Kelly and Grazer were reading their pieces, ahem, that’s because they were.
    • Think “I AM READING THIS” (no ad-libbing, no freestyle, no I-forgot-to-add-this)
  • The recording should sound like something you care to be sharing.
  • Make sure that the tone of your voice matches the tone of your writing.

And For Next Class– October 16th

  • Rachel is teaching (class selfie round two?)
  • Bring back your TIB revisions
  • Write your intro and outro for the podcast (this’ll be a rough draft)
  • Read chapters 3 and 6 from Hicks

Keep In Mind…

  • A rubric has been added to the TIB assignment
  • For the podcast, Benko is looking for the sound that you have rehearsed it, that you have paused, and that there are no distractions to the content of the piece due to your reading
  • For the intro and outro…
    • Give relevant background information
    • Don’t have to be too explicit for it– just get the listener in the right frame of mind
      • Maybe there is someone “legally obligated” to read it for you like Beth has– if not, word on the street is that Rachel is easily bribed
    • Keep it third person

A Little Something Extra

Here is a really cool article by The Atlantic that touches base on the medium of the podcast being used to tell stories. This article explores the idea of “Why do audio stories captivate?” Enjoy.



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