Screen casting


Even if you are doing a live video, screen casting can still be helpful

Final is posted on BB


How to Screen Cast with Quicktime

  • Open up quicktime player
  • Nothing will pop up, but the toolbar is quicktime
  • Go to file and you get 3 options: movie, audio, screen
  • Go to screen recording, click red button
  • Your screen will record
  • Stop recording with button on top right of toolbar. It’s a dot
  • Go to file, and save
  • Select where to save to, and title
  • Looks like an itunes file, just open it and voilà


Open imovie (if you do not have it, iCare can help)

  • Click on the + button
  • Click on new movie
  • Select theme
  • Title it
  • Click on down arrow on the top of the window (import media)
  • Import your video from left toolbar
  • Edit your video with transitions, audio, text, etc.
  • Save your imovie by highlighting video stream, drag it to the bottom window, then go to file-> share, select where/settings
  • Click next, name video, there will be a circle in the right corner of imovie, when it is filled, video is saved.

********************Questions can be directed to iCare***************************

Emilie showed us how to record your face and screen simultaneously

  • Select a background
  • Click on the box above video preview
  • In the left toolbar, select picture in picture
  • Boom!

Play around and ask classmates for opinions!

Assignment sheet has Youtube log in for uploading videos. May make private if you want it to be.

  • Bring reflections to class.


In Blackboard, go to assignments à final exam

  • Red text is the new stuff
  • Bundle 1 (midterm) add formative assessment
  • You need to annotate your mentor text (i.e. this is an example of…)

****Make sure you have concepts and ideas from readings!!!!!

-Reflection for both tasks

-Midtermà discuss changes you made

-Must have a Works Cited with all 3 authors we’ve read!!!!!!!!!!!

– There’s a suggestive work schedule

– By April 26th, you should have a rough sketch of your final (No class)

– Conferences with Emilee that week

– Final is due on Tuesday of Finals Week

– Bring in a folder, Benko holds them until half of next semester.


What’s Due?

  • Video reflection on Tuesday (how your partner was and what you learned) does not need to exceed 2 pages, bring to class
  • Twitter reflection 3 TBD
  • Final Due May 3rd


Extra help with iMovie:


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