Day 24

Hey, ya’ll,

It’s Christian and Troi!

What is coming up?dont-panic-everything

  • iCare on Thursday, 4/14
  • Grammar videos are due Tuesday, 4/19
  • Only three more classes left after this grammar video is due

What happened today?

Today we broke off into two groups to present our grammar video concepts. To keep things short and sweet, we’re just going to lay out the feedback we heard Dr. Benko and Emilie give our prospective groups.


Helpful Texts:

Chapters 4 and 6 in Hicks and pretty much all of Anderson.


Constructive criticism in Dr. Benko’s group:

  • If your presentation takes longer than 12 minutes, start looking at what you can cut.
  • Define your topic clearly; Cate and Maverick are covering vague pronouns, so they defined vague and pronoun separately and then put them together to make a meaningful definition for vague pronouns.
  • Pay spec9bcd07b02975021484d101464f360a25e89efdf66747d692d5ded3c8a1748f34_1ial attention to the accuracy of all of your content; it needs to be one hundred percent accurate. We can’t teach these kids the wrong thing!
  • Make sure your visual scaffold actually scaffolds understanding of the concept; visual aids are not the same thing as a visual scaffold. Make sure you carefully explain your visual scaffold, then use it throughout your remaining examples.
  • If you are incorporating activities in your video (i.e. those opportunities to practice that Troi mentions below), make sure the directions are clear.
  • If you are using young adult fiction mentor texts, include a picture of the book!
  • Pictures, memes, gifs, short videos, and/or clip art–use them!

    I was totally guilty of this!
  • On a related note, make sure your slides aren’t text heavy. Any text on the slide should just be a visual aid to keep students focused on the topic. The rest can be audio.



Care ‘N Share/Constructive Criticism in Emilie’s group:

  • Make sure your video is fun and something that students will want to watch
  • Don’t get caught up on making it fun though, it still needs to be completely accurate. f91973590229d428a6efdfb3fe0773ce10560be4113ddcb93c5ced538bfe3258What is the point of us teaching a grammar concept if we don’t understand it ourselves? (Hint, there isn’t one)
  • Your visual scaffold needs to make sense, and it needs to be present throughout your video. Don’t mention it once then never bring it up again. Repetition is key for students to remember concepts, and your visual scaffold is no different!
  • Make sure students have opportunities to practice during the video, do not just talk at them
  • Use interesting mentor texts as examples

Troi’s wise words

Wise_CatIf we incorporate all of these things into one cohesive video, we will help students better their grammar skills. It is ESSENTIAL that ALL of your information is right, and that it is taught in a way that makes sense. Remember, talk at their level (but don’t dumb it down), if you are going to bring up a concept and aren’t sure if they know what it means, give a little definition and explanation. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Imagine you are making this for your future students for a tech day, also, don’t be afraid to go back and look at the models we watched in class, they are great examples of what we should be trying to achieve with our videos.


Additional Resources!

If you want to learn more about online teaching, (because tech days are becoming more and more popular) here are some actual teachers who use technology daily!

Also, Zaption is a great online tool to use to incorporate video into online lesson plans. You can upload a video from YouTube or you can upload one of your own, and you can place questions that stop the video and allow for students to practice. Cat shared it with us for an assignment we had for another class and I love it, it’s so easy to use as well!

TedEd is a website that is similar to Zaption. I personally found Zaption to work easier, but it’s totally personal preference. Both sites are excellent examples of what we as teachers can do to keep students engaged while watching videos, which is typically seen as “filler” work. If you all know of any more, feel free to tweet them! Using of course the #BSU350 hashtag!


Final Words

As Dr. Benko stumblr_mzsn1kDZD21tq4of6o1_250aid in class and Christian mentioned it here, we only have 3 more regular class periods after the video project is due until the final is due and our time in ENG 350 comes to a close. I know we are all in panic mode and it does no good to act like we are not. But please do not forget that you are human, and you need to eat and sleep. We’re all in this together, and we will pull through. Our future students are counting on us!


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