In’N’Outro and Garage Band


Seth Burrell

For Starters:


Dr. Benko collected and read over our lesson plans

*****If typed, then email to her******

Comments for midterm submission under grades



TIB outro intro and final due Thursday

Collaborate with groups if needed


Garage Band with Tori at iCare:

  • If you do not have have it on your mac, iCare can install it for free
  • Open Garage Band
  • Click Empty Project
  • Select microphone
  • Click create
  • Click metronome to make it not purple
  • Click red dot to record
  • You can pause with play button (sideways triangle), stop recording but still have track continue with record button
  • We ran a trial on recording
  • Adding intro and music
  • Top right corner- click loop button
  • Select instrument that you like
  • Click and drag before your voice file
  • Click and drag after podcast
  • you can move voice file if needed
  • to unselect instrument, click orange reset button in top left

Fade in and fade out music

  • Click beginning of music track
  • Click two diagonal dots above music track list on left
  • Adjust dot on far left of the screen to select initial volume.
  • Drag line up through track to fade in, line down to fade out
  • Move dot at beginning of track into track to fade in and out
  • Go to share: Export song to disk
  • Rename, save to known location (i.e. desktop)
  • No need to save as mp3

————– _> mac apps for questions, confusion, and screen shots—

How can we share these?

  • optional submission; share to soundcloud to class account to make public, or submit to box to keep it condensed to class sharing
  • Soundcloud works like our blog. It cannot be found unless it is searched (which people outside of class most likely won’t do), and it cannot be downloaded.
  • Due Thursday!

No further feedback unless you ask for it


Soundcloud tutorial Tuesday.


Partner share of intro/outro

  • Does the intro include info about piece
  • Does conclusion wrap up?

On the rubric A and B column talk about being thought provoking and signals and end to the piece.

-Cate read her intro, using a surname:

Cultural norms are the shared expectations and rules that guide behavior within society. These norms vary depending on your geographical location. They exist in small groups, and also exist on a wide scale. In this essay, Amelia Pond explores her experience both coinciding with cultural norms, but also rejecting them when she sees fit.



-Troi’s conclusion:

Troi Genders is a junior at Ball State University studying Secondary English Education. Troi hopes to teach her future students to embrace change and allow it to become a positive aspect of their lives. You can follow her on twitter @MissGendersBSU. Next time on This I Believe, a young woman explains how smashed bananas are a metaphor for breaking cultural norms.


****Make sure your intro introduces you, tells the listener about you, grabs the audience’s attention, and flows into your piece.

****Make sure your outro tells the listener that they are finished with the piece, re-introduce yourself and conclude with info about you or how to find more TIB.


Submitted audio TIB statements to class Box:


If you need help with TIB statements, look at mentor texts:

Extra Example: This is a TIB that was done with different examples within it. If you need help with your TIB in any way I HIGHLY recommend checking this video out.



What’s due?

Tuesday: blackboard readings-

  • NCTE beliefs on assessment — go here:  .THEN choose a few of the itemed #1-10 to click on and read more about.
  • PDF from “Bridging English” (attached)
  • Samples of formative assessment (attached — three PDFs, all very short handouts)



  • TIB due Thursday in Box or soundcloud

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