Day 1 – Introductions

Hi everyone! Here is a summary of what we did on 1/12/2016.

Summary: We looked at how technology, writing, and teaching will work together in this class. We also talked about the reading “Informal and Shared: Writing to Create Community” by Deborah Dean and Adrienne Warren.

What we did today:

  • Quick Write (“What do you want someone to know about you as a teacher?”) and Info Search (‘Google Stalking’ using name). What did we learn?
    • We can find out a lot about people on social media (more personal than a quick conversation)
    • Sometimes our internet selves are not our teacher selves (how do we balance these?)
    • The internet can be used as a professional space (interviews, schools, curious students might look at you)
    • Think about audience. You don’t want to be invisible; you want to be part of the community!
  • Discussion of Dean & Warren – Community Highlights:
    • We learn about ourselves in a community
    • We need to work together in a community
    • We need to do tasks that are meaningful
    • We need to write to share
  • Syllabus
    • Motto = Writing is learnable and teachable
    • Goal = End semester feeling like you have a foundation to teach writing – “well started beginners” who are reading to continue learning!
    • This course is about juggling projects and readings. Don’t panic!

Thinking Ahead:



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